5/18 - Journey Jars, An Exploration Within

0518 Journey Jars.png
0518 Journey Jars.png

5/18 - Journey Jars, An Exploration Within


Instructor: Lisa Jarrell

Friday, May 18
6-8 pm

Along this adventurous journey, we will experience the ebbs and flows time is sure to bring. As our path winds through various terrains, we are drawn to various items, symbols or beings that may bring us comfort and wisdom along the way. This special jar is meant to hold those tokens, offering a visual reminder that we are not alone and we are constantly being guided if we are open to seeing. We truly have within us all we need for our dreams to become our reality. An amazing collection of well-varied tokens assorted mini jars and all other materials included, along with a choice of affirmations to display on your unique jar.

AGE: 13+
MIN: 5
MAX: 12

** to ensure our instructors are properly prepared, all class registrations close 24 hours prior to class **

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