09/11 Grounding - Coming Back Down to Earth

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081618 RR Class Desc.jpg

09/11 Grounding - Coming Back Down to Earth


Grounding – Coming Back Down to Earth 

Instructor: Karen Caruso, CND

Tuesday, September 11 6-7:30p
Ages:  Adult
Workshop Fee: $ 12.00

Join us to learn how reconnecting to the Earth's energy can improve our overall health and well being.  While many of us are spending more and more of our lives indoors, feeling connected to the ground beneath our feet and the energy of the Earth is essential to feeling stable and grounded.  We’ll discuss how getting back on Terra Firma is one of the keys to restoring and maintaining good health. 

*Please note online registration closes 48 hours prior to class. Please call the shop if less than 48 hours to be sure of space availability for some last-minute fun!


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