If you have stepped inside Finding Roots, you have noticed the incredible selection and craftsmanship that we take pride in offering from our Maker Community.  You may be wondering….

How do I sell my Art at Finding Roots?

Finding Roots reserves the right to jury all creations that are wanting representation within the shop. The jury panel consists of Finding Roots Owners and sometimes invited artists chosen for their experience and understanding. Finding Roots welcomes all artful creations that are made in Michigan, however, preference is given to Livingston County residents as Finding Roots is a LOCAL handmade only shop!

The Jury process is done by email or dropping off a small sample of the art product. This is used to determine whether work submitted is appropriate for Finding Roots. You will then be contacted by email/phone.

Creative work will be evaluated on whether it is nature based, upcycled-recycled, the level of craftsmanship, individuality of design, customer appeal, marketability and over all flow within the shop. All work must be original and HAND-MADE by the applicant.

If this sounds like you, please review and complete our Maker Jury Application and Guidelines document.  We look forward to seeing your creative work!